Mini-series you should watch on Netflix

With the rise of streaming sites like Netflix, we’ve gone from waiting a week to watch a new episode, to binging the whole season at once. It makes it much easier to get through a show and move on to something new, especially now there are so many programs that deserve our attention. Which of these series should you be prioritizing over the others though?


Many new shows on Netflix are giving a voice to people who might not have been heard before. Atypical is one of them. A coming-of-age dramedy about a student with autism, the series shows the kind of problems people on the spectrum struggle with. Although there was some criticism towards Atypical’s portrayal of autism, its representation has improved as the program’s continued. Plus, it features some big-name talent including Jennifer Jason Leigh who also acts as a producer of the show.

Mini-series you should watch on Netflix

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is the epitome of a mini-series, featuring no more than six episodes during its longest season. However, that’s partly what makes it so binge-worthy. It takes longer to get over the psychological turmoil caused by the program than it does to actually watch the new episodes.

Critics have praised Black Mirror for its dark storylines which have at times been very reflective of real-world problems. What’s more, the series loves to try new things. At the end of 2018, an interactive film was released as part of the series that completely defied expectations and proved that Black Mirror is still a show worth investing in.

Flint Town

If documentaries are your thing on Netflix, then you might want to consider watching Flint Town. The program focuses on the real-world crisis happening in Flint, Michigan where financial issues and health concerns have led the town down a dark path. The series covers roughly a year and a half’s worth of filming and the effects it had on the police department.

The problems happening in Flint are still ongoing today, so this is a the documentary for you if you want to stay up to date on current events. The show is a great way to educate yourself on what’s happening in America and spark a new talking point for you and your friends.

Mini-series you should watch on Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House

Anyone looking for a good scare from Netflix needs to check out The Haunting of Hill House. This creepy adaptation of a novel from the ‘50s isn’t afraid to make people wet themselves through sheer terror. There might only be ten episodes, but that’s enough to have you sleeping with the lights on for the rest of your life.

It’s not only the fear factor that makes this show worth watching, though. The storylines and drama are incredibly compelling, as is the acting. This is one binge watch you won’t get bored of easily. It looks like it’s time for you to boot up Netflix and find a new mini-series to get through. You’ve plenty to choose from; it’s just a case of which one you want to watch first.