5 Fascinating facts about Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was famed for being the mathematician and scientist who first wrapped their head around what gravity was. He was a pioneer in his field and is one of the most influential people in the history of science. We all know about the apple that fell from the tree that inspired his theory about gravity, but here are five other fascinating facts about Isaac Newton.

He wasn’t expected to survive childhood

Isaac Newton was born prematurely in 1643, and back then, kids were not expected to survive coming into the world ahead of schedule. He was estimated to be delivered around 15 weeks early. His mother claimed he could fit in a quart-sized cup when he was born.

Thankfully he was able to overcome the early difficulties in his life and Newton grew up to have one of the finest minds of his time. He lived until the ripe old age of 84 after giving the world one of the most critical theories ever.

Isaac Newton

Talking wasn’t so easy

Although Newton might have mastered the law of physics, there was one thing he struggled with his entire life. The mathematician was a stutterer and getting his words out was often a problem for him. That didn’t hold him back though, and he’s in fine company when it comes to famous people with speaking issues. Other notable people from history who struggled with their words include Winston Churchill, Aristotle, and Charles Darwin.

His birthday changed

Isaac Newton was born on Christmas Day, but he was also born on January 4. Yeah, it’s a little confusing but when Newton was born England hadn’t adopted the Gregorian calendar, and wouldn’t do for another 100 years.

The records show that Newton was born on Christmas Day and baptized on New Year’s Day. When England finally did adopt the Gregorian calendar, Newton’s birthday had to be adjusted, and so January 4 is recognized as his real birthday.

Politics wasn’t for him

Newton had a brilliant mind and eventually, he became a politician. Although he was a genius, he reportedly didn’t make much of a politician, and he was seemingly ineffective. The only time Newton was reported to have spoken up in parliament was to ask someone to close a window.

Isaac Newton

His dog set his lab on fire

Newton told a story that his dog came into his lab, knocked over a candle, and set fire to 20 years worth of research. That’s a lot of work to go up in smoke because of a dog. Some historians question the legitimacy of Newton’ claims as many believe he never actually owned a dog.

Instead, they think he just left a window open, and a breeze sent the candle tumbling. Either way, Newton lost 20 years worth of research all because he left an open flame near his work. We wonder how much of that research was dedicated to creating light without the need for fire!

Newton was known for his apple falling from a tree gravity theory, but he also lived a pretty eventful life. When he wasn’t overcoming childhood health fears he was struggling to talk, both for himself and the people he represented as a politician.